True Union Valves

NSF approved True Union solenoid valves streamline the installation process and simplify removal for cleaning or maintenance.

We Are GC Valves

For over 25 years, GC Valves has provided the highest quality products and systems to a wide variety of markets such as car wash, water quality, misting, energy and health care to name a few. We’re solution experts for your solenoid valve requirements.

We Are Collaborators

We partner with our customers in a variety of ways to provide a customized solution where one is needed. If you have a complicated application and need help finding the right solution, we take it on to solve the issue at hand. Our staff engineers work with our distributors and OEMs to supply the solution they need to effectively control the fluids in their system.

We Are Designers

We utilize innovative materials in order to solve different engineering challenges experienced in the field. Whether we start from scratch on a design or utilize our large portfolio of products, we make short work of any problem. We are constantly evolving our processes to make the products we supply that much better.

We Are Manufacturers

We understand the importance of having all the parts you need in working order to ensure your customer’s quality products are delivered in a timely manner. Providing high quality fluid control products on time is essential to our customer’s success. We take partnerships with OEMs seriously because we know that our customer’s brands and image depend on the equipment they make.

Custom Solutions

Do you have a need for a unique solenoid valve? We specialize in custom designs, whether it’s for single solenoid valves, solenoid valve manifolds, or even complex assemblies that incorporate solenoid valves.

Experience Meets Versatility

Looking for a seasoned partner with a diverse product line? We manufacture 1.5 million solenoid valves each year at our factories in St. Louis, MO, and Charlotte, NC, offering a wide range of sizes from miniature to 6 inches.

Tailored Fluid Control

Working with specialized dispensing applications like soaps, chemicals, or gases? We not only manufacture standard solenoid valve manifolds, but can also design new ones to meet your specific fluid control requirements.

Valve Markets

Car Wash

Valves for soap and wax metering, low pressure function controls such as foam brush, tire cleaner and presoak.

Water Quality

Valves for UV, DI, RO systems: NSF-61 and “No Lead” products from 1/8″ to 2″ NPT.


Valves for high pressure system components along with feed and dump valves.

Food & Beverage

Valves for processing, preparation, dispensing: from high temperature oils and steam to blast chillers.


Valves for fuels, gases and liquids for prime and back-up generation systems. All valves applicable to the energy market are found in this section.


Valves for gas management, water filtration, steam and other line fluids for sterilization, vacuum.

Special FX

Valves for air, water, gases, high pressure, CO2, combustibles we have the control valves to ensure the show goes on.

Temp Control

Valves for oil, steam, hot water, glycol and C02. We offer valves that can handle fluids from cryogenics to 400 degrees.


Valves for liquid and gaseous CO2, liquid nitrogen, argon, oxygen for cleaning operations, bakery, food processing and special effects.


GC Valves provides a wide range of valves and manifolds for a variety of applications, such as carwash, water quality, misting, food processing, combustion, and medical, to name a few. We make short work of any challenging applications that require special attention to chemical compatibility, high pressures, specific connectors, and custom wattage ratings for our coils. Please contact us to discuss your application.


GC Valves designs and manufactures world class solenoid valves to meet the requirements of a wide variety of markets and applications. Whether you’re in a car wash, food manufacturing plant or medical facility, you’ll likely find a GC Valves solenoid valve in operation. Variations are available to handle virtually any liquid or gas from vacuum to high flow / pressure; cryogenics to steam; natural gas to fuel oil; air and water to reagents and enzymes; ultra-pure to corrosive. Our versatile range of products can include pipe sizes from 10-32 to 2 inch in single valve, manifold, explosion proof and intrinsically safe designs. Our extensive design and development experience has contributed to a product catalog of over 35,000 solenoid valve variations.