About GC Valves

Decades Of Innovation & Excellence

GC Valves heritage has its roots in the founding of General Controls back in the 1930’s. Through targeted acquisitions and partnerships, what started out as one company and one product line over 80 years ago is now a globally recognized and trusted brand covering dozens of markets and hundreds of applications. Despite our growth, we never lost focus of what’s core to our business – our dedication to understanding our customers’ needs and providing an exceptional experience. These values are what make us the trusted provider for solenoid valves and solutions to some of the most respected names in their respective industries. In its current form as GC Valves, LLC, it’s the combination of two industry leading organizations, Components for Automation (Simi Valley, CA) and GC Valves (Charlotte, NC) under the DEMA Engineering Company umbrella.

GC Valves designs and manufactures world class solenoid valves to meet the requirements of a wide variety of markets and applications. Whether you’re in a car wash, food manufacturing plant or medical facility, you’ll likely find a GC Valves solenoid valve in operation. Variations are available to handle virtually any liquid or gas from vacuum to high flow / pressure; cryogenics to steam; natural gas to fuel oil; air and water to reagents and enzymes; ultra-pure to corrosive. Our versatile range of products can include pipe sizes from 10-32 to 2 inch in single valve, manifold, explosion proof and intrinsically safe designs. Our extensive design and development experience has contributed to a product catalog of over 35,000 solenoid valve variations. If we don’t have what you need readily available, our design and development team will work with you to create a product that meets your requirements.

About DEMA Engineering Company

In business since 1956, DEMA Engineering Company was born out of customer requests for a device to dilute chemicals accurately and automatically. During DEMA’s first year the “proportioner” was introduced to the institutional cleaning market. Large chemical companies approached DEMA to build various products that would allow them to correctly dilute their cleaning chemicals. Since the beginning DEMA has introduced thousands of different proportioner models, with the primary goal of offering our customers the most reliable, safest and accurate way of dispensing concentrated chemicals. In addition to our complete range of chemical dispensing equipment, DEMA has also designed and manufactured a line of solenoid valves, injectors and other fluid control devices to meet many industrial applications.

DEMA is committed to the complete satisfaction of our customers throughout the world. As we grow, we continually increase our support structure to provide our customers with the best experience possible. Since our founding, DEMA has expanded facilities in Missouri, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, the Netherlands, and Australia plus representatives in Central and South America and Asia. All of our expansions have led to better service and satisfaction for our continually growing global customer base. We continuously update our product range to meet the ever growing needs of our customers. From 2 people in 1956 to over 420 employees today, DEMA continues to grow and maintain the status as a leading provider of chemical dispensing and fluid control equipment.


General Controls is founded in Glendale, California by combustion controls pioneers Jack and Bill Ray


General Controls expands its’ solenoid valve product line to support World War II manufacturing effort


General Controls sees sustained growth in General Purpose Solenoid Valve product lines

ITT acquires General Controls
ITT-General Controls leads solenoid valve product evolution as an industry leader
Konan Electric becomes North American ITT-licensee for General Purpose Solenoid Valve product line. Components For Automation, Inc. is formed by Jim Janousek to manufacture miniature solenoid valves and solenoid valve manifolds near Los Angeles
Bill Young and Jim Janousek form GC Valves to assume the North American license for ITT-General Controls General Purpose Solenoid Valves; manufacturing facility is set up in Charlotte, NC. Components For Automation growth is fueled by unique solenoid valve manifolds
Continued growth for GC Valves and Components For Automation
DEMA Engineering acquires GC Valves and Components For Automation in 2016. Manufacturing is consolidated in Charlotte, NC and the united companies become GC Valves, LLC.