Valve Markets

GC Valves are the single source for all your solenoid valve needs. We serve the Car Wash, Water Quality, Misting, Food and Beverage, Energy, Health Care, Special Effects, Process Temperature Control, Cryogenics markets and much more.

Car Wash Market

Valves for soap and wax metering, low pressure function controls such as foam brush, tire cleaner and presoak. All valves applicable to the Car Wash market are found in this section.

Solenoid valves from our GC Valves and CFA product lines have been the first choice of leading car wash manufacturers for decades because they address the demanding requirements of this industry: 24/7 unmanned operation, high humidity, aggressive line fluids, freezing temperatures. CFA pioneered compact, highly reliable, easy-to-repair solenoid valve manifolds for the self-serve segment.

Valves for UV, DI, RO systems: NSF-61

GC Valves manufactures the widest variety of stainless steel and plastic valves that comply with U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) requirements for lead-free components — up to 2” NPT. NSF-61 solenoid valves are available from 1/8” to 1” NPT. Flanged valves with zero lead content are available up to 6” pipe size. GC Valves also offers lead-free solenoid valves with a zero psi minimum pressure differential option.

Water Quality Market

Misting Market

Valves for high-pressure system components along with feed and dump valves. All valves applicable to the Misting market are found in this section.
Commercial and Industrial Misting is a market that applies products from GC Valves and DEMA Industrial. Our solenoid valves have demonstrated effectiveness in fogging, cooling, spraying, deodorizing, humidifying, dust and fire suppression. Zone control systems rely on our normally closed and normally open high pressure solenoid valves. GC Valves feed water and drain valves are integral to these systems, too.

Valves for processing, preparation, dispensing: from high temperature oils and steam to blast chillers. All valves applicable to the food and beverage market are found in this section.

GC Valves solenoid valves are preferred for food processing and preparation: heating, cooling, hot oil, spraying, sanitation and more. Our 3-way and NAMUR valves provide control actuation for functional valves, manifolds and cylinders. We also provide high quality solenoid valves for commercial kitchen equipment including fryers, dishwashers, convection steamers, garbage disposals, coffee machines, frozen beverage dispensers and cooking ventilation systems.

Food & Beverage Market

Energy Market

Valves for fuels, gases, and liquids for prime and backup generation systems. All valves applicable to the energy market are found in this section.
Since the 1930s, GC Valves and our predecessors have furnished valves for oil, propane and natural gas burners for commercial, industrial and process heating, as well as for power and steam generation. We serve the oil heating industry with pilot valves and 3-way recirculating solenoid valves. Our line of steam and hot water valves covers the entire range from zero pressure differential up to 150 psi steam.
Valves for gas management, water filtration, steam and other line fluids for sterilization, vacuum. All valves applicable to the health care market are found in this section.
Our engineering staff works with medical, dental and scientific OEMs to provide value-added total solutions. Compact C9 solenoid valves and solenoid valve manifolds are chosen by OEMs for air & gases, water and similar liquids, chemicals, aggressive line fluids, vacuum, cryogenic fluids and much more.

Health Care Market

Special Effects Market

Valves for air, water, gases, high pressure, CO2, and combustibles we have the control valves to ensure the show goes on. All valves applicable to the special effects market are found in this section.
Special effects professionals have made GC Valves H40s the most specified valve for CO2 effects. They apply our valves on air for confetti cannons and to pilot larger valves. And our products are suited to controlling simple dancing fountains and soaring water effects at international destinations. We can even control the specially designed combustible fluids for walls of flame.
Valves for oil, steam, hot water, glycol and C02. We offer valves that can handle fluids from cryogenics to 400 degrees. All valves applicable to the process temperature control market are found in this section.

Precise temperature control is critical in many commercial, industrial and scientific applications. Solenoid valves from GC Valves and CFA are chosen for thermal fluids, oils, glycol systems, water and many other heating and cooling applications in food and beverage, manufacturing, plastics and building automation.

Process Temperature Control Market

Cryogenics Market

Valves for liquid and gaseous CO2, liquid nitrogen, argon, oxygen for cleaning operations, bakery, food processing and special effects. All valves applicable to the cryogenics market are found in this section.

GC Valves offers special coatings, unique designs and engineering expertise expressly for the cryogenics industry. Our specially modified direct acting and piloted piston valves are intended for cryogenic liquids and gases in scientific instruments, dry ice cleaning, food processing, and special effects. Engineering assistance to specify the best solution is available at no charge.

Durable solenoid valves and manifolds for equipment used throughout the construction industry. We offer options to control oil, air, steam, and other hard to handle fluids for a diverse range of equipment.

GC Valves gives OEMs many options when it comes to custom and standard products. Utilizing our manifolds can help reduce the number of pipe connections, reduce the amount of potential failure points, and get the exact solution that meets your needs.

Construction Equipment

Fire Suppression Equipment

GC Valves has a wide selection of solenoid valves for use within the fire suppression market. Working alongside our parent company, DEMA Engineering Company, we also provide reliable chemical injectors that can be utilized to introduce foaming products, and other chemicals into water.

Whether you’re dealing with an application that requires pilot valves to actuate a larger deluge valve, custom valves for a firetruck foam system application, or DEMA chemical injectors to produce a custom chemical mixture, the team at GC Valves can help.

GC Valves offers a wide range of solenoid valves and manifolds for the steam, bath, spa, and custom plumbing markets.

Whether you need a valve with durable seals for steam shower applications, angle-bodied valves to fill a water reservoir, or manifolds to consolidate complicated plumbing, GC Valves can help.

Steam and Bath Markets

Alternative Energy Production

GC Valves has a diverse lineup of valves and manifolds for multiple segments in the alternative energy sector, such as hydrogen and other alternative fuel production operations. We offer a variety of valve options to accommodate a diverse range of applications.

Our extensive lineup of stainless steel valves are easily paired with Viton seals for improved chemical compatibility and heat tolerance over traditional materials. GC Valves also offers explosion-proof housings with 1/2” conduit hub connections. GC Valves explosion-proof housings are approved for Class I Groups C, and D, Class II Groups E, F, and G, Division 1 & 2 environments.

GC Valves has a wide range of solenoid valve products for Dust and Odor Control equipment. GC Valves offers low-pressure diaphragm valves for water inlets, as well as high pressure valves for zone control and draining.

We manufacture low pressure valves that maintain high flow rates and utilize integrated y-strainers. GC’s high pressure valves can handle pressures up to 2400 PSI and precisely control which lines are active. GC also offers high pressure drain valves that control the release of water from pressurized lines to prevent bacterial growth. Whether it’s odor control for commercial cannabis or dust control at the job site, GC Valves can help.

Dust and Odor Control